Par la mer (performance)

Dorothée Munyaneza

Performance created by Dorothée Munyaneza for Le Bal, Paris
With Alain Mahé and Dorothée Munyaneza
Costumes Stéphanie Coudert
Production Compagnie Kadidi, Anahi
With the support of Le Bal

I am told that we came by the sea.
Everywhere the world roars, tears flow, buildings collapse, cars burn,
hearts bleed, bodies bend under misery, under bombs and unpunished bullets.
Place to anger and rage.
No pause.
The impossible mourning.
I am told that we came by sea.
The dance and the fire.
I recognise their backs.
I am told they have the same voice.
I stand straight.
Two boys wash themselves for a long time in the sea.
Always the same question: "what do we do here?"
The same thing as you.
I reach out, I bypass the machine that crushes and suffocates.
Sometimes I cry when I sing
In the slot, at night, we spit and shout:
And you, how did you come to our home?

Par la mer, a performance or an invitation, constantly renewed to inhabit our world and this space where the commitment to the other, the other whose history is linked to mine and yours, is essential.
The other that can not be silenced. The other we have to listen to.
It is urgent today to recreate the link, sincerely and generously.
Again and again.
In the interstices of our interwoven stories, our sweat, our beauty, our laughter, our words and our silences, in song, in music, in dance, in the midst of chaos and cacophony, let us cross through our mixed histories beyond the seas that separate us, waters
witnesses of our stories yesterday and today.

Dorothée Munyaneza

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