Anahi is a house of cultural production, a structure of accompaniment of artists founded in 2010 and directed by Emmanuel Magis. Anahi works in the fields of administration, production, diffusion, guidance and communication and its focus is on the work of independent companies of the performing arts.

Anahi engages voluntarily with a restrict number of artists that are closely accompanied over time. This work is based on a partnership, claiming the diversity and the attention to each one's choices. The collaborations are built in a perspective of development and construction of mutual paths. Anahi's support is addressed both to experienced companies and also younger ones in the process of being structured. Since 2013, Ahani has as one of its strongest axes the development of international tours.

Independent producer since 2002, Emmanuel Magis has accompanied Jacques Vincey and the Compagnie Sirènes for more than 13 years, the Collectif DRAO for 7 years, Julie Bérès and the Compagnie Les Cambrioleurs for 3 years, Compagnie Délit de Façade, Lazare and the Compagnie Vita Nova for 2 years, the Centre Dramatique National de Thionville-Lorraine, Julia Vidit, Alexis Forestier, Centre Dramatique National de Tours, Caroline Guiela Nguyen, Le GdRA, Nathalie Béasse, Julie Delille, Camille Boitel.