Points de non-retour (Thiaroye)

Alexandra Badea


Creation at La Colline – Théâtre National in 2018

As in the best narratives, it all starts with a love story. Amar was born in Senegal in 1940, just after the requisition of his father, a Senegalese "tirailleur" who went to fight the Nazi enemy along with the French. His father will never return and his mother's research will be in vain. In the 70s in France, Amar falls in love with Lina, a young woman from Eastern Europe who also bears the marks of exile and the wounds of this war. Both decide to trace the story of this father... whose life ended in Thiaroye.

Thirty years later, Sara, a young journalist, is entrusted to produce a radio program about this forgotten massacre. She immerses herself in the archives where the depositions of the victims' descendants intermingle with reflections of historians and sociologists, until she discovers the testimony of Amar. She decides to find him and this quest will lead her to Biram, son of Amar.

On the other side of France, Regis discovers, on the death of his grandfather, a newspaper that traces his career in the war and violent images of the massacre begin to haunt him. Many people try to unearth and reconcile the truths of history to compose, with these missing stories, wounds of three generations.

In a fresco unfolded in three parts, whose first one was created in 2018, Alexandra Badea and her actors give voice to those who are not heard, in a journey through the contemporary and resolutely universal history of France.

text and direction Alexandra Badea
with Amine Adjina, Alexandra Badea, Madalina Constantin, Thierry Raynaud, Kader Lassina Toure, Sophie Verbeeck
scenography Velica Panduru
sound composition Nihil Borders
video creation Sorin Dorian Dragoi (RSC)
lighting Sébastien Lemarchand
radio documentary production Nedjma Bouakra
assistant director Amélie Vignals
scenery construction La Colline Workshops - National Theater

production La Colline – Théâtre National
co-production La Filature, Scène Nationale – Mulhouse
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