Anahi  is an artist support structure founded and directed by Emmanuel Magis since 2010. It takes part in the fields of administration, production, promotion, advice, and communication and is aimed uppermost to independant artistic companies working on live performance.

Anahi deliberately works with a restricted number of artists which it has chosen to support closely and on the long term. It works with each of its artists on the basis of a partnership, and takes on the diversity and the stringency of its choices.

The collaborations are built on perspectives of development and elaboration of a trajectory.  The support is aimed at experienced companies as well as companies in the process of establishment.
Independent producer since 2002, Emmanuel Magis has collaborated with Jacques Vincey Le Collectif DRAOJulie Bérès, La compagnie Délit de FaçadeLaurent Gutmann et le Centre Dramatique de Thionville-Lorraine, Julia ViditAlexis ForestierLazare, Jacques Vincey et le Centre Dramatique Régional de ToursCaroline Guiela NguyenLe GdRANathalie Béasse, Marie Vialle, Laurent Gutmann, Le Cri du Caire .